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Due to the actual situation, our work protocols have changed but we are still available for you. With special attention to your safety, we have reviewed all our programs, discarded those that could raise doubts and opened new destinations to ensure you can travel with complete peace of mind. We also have checked our protocols to have the highest hygiene and quality guarantees. You find we’ve quarantined some of our destinations. Don’t worry, soon enough we will visit them again, but only when we have guarantees about the safety of the destination!

Ask about your doubt, arrange a video call or come to see us in our stand at X-Madrid (only on request, by now! 😉)



The journey of your dreams

We also can arrange whatever you need to travel on your on. Flights and hotels, of course, but also activities, excursions, transfers, car rentals, show tickets, theme parks… If you only want us to prepare a trip plan and manage yourself your bookings, we do detailed taylor made programs cheaper than you think!

Every detail you can give us about what you want can help our advisors design the perfect experience for you. The journey of your dreams is closer than you think!

Surfcamps & surfhouses are the perfect place to live surfing. Even more when you are beginning A natural solution to meet people with same interests as you for the ocean and help and motivate you back in your growth in the sport in a funny and shared way. We’ve selected a number of surfcamps and surfhouses in which you will be able to find inspiration, but we are in constant development so pass by now and then or subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be updated!

  • positive review  Absolutely happy with everything. Its really nice to have someone like Edy. We just came back from Sri Lanka and I am still full of the place. I am defenitely going travel with Malamalama Travels again🙏☀️

    Eva Svatkova Avatar Eva Svatkova
    11. January 2020

    positive review  No suelo perder el tiempo en reseñas. Pero dado todo el tiempo y dedicacion de Edu para preparar nuestro viaje al Kilimanjaro creo que se lo debemos. Ruta Machame 6 dias al Kilimanjaro. Basta darle un toque a Edu y tu ya solo te tienes que preocupar de llegar bien de forma para hacer cima. Gracias Edu por ponerlo tan sencillo. Me he animado a escribir para todas esas personas que siempre dudan de lo que leen en las agencias por internet y temen que podría ser un fraude. Edu nos lo puso todo tan fácil que parecía que no podia ser verdad!! Basta meteros en la pagina y buscar Kilimanjaro en Septiembre 2019...esos somos nosotros. Gracias Edu!!! nos vemos en Nepal

    Juan Ventura Canton Avatar Juan Ventura Canton
    25. September 2019

    positive review  Increíble experiencia en Nepal con malamalama , súper recomendable. Espero repetir. El viaje y la organizacion no han podido ser mejores, todo de 10! He cumplido un sueño desde pequeño de conocer el himalaya, combinando deporte, aventura, conocer la cultura, costumbres y a la gente de alli. Gracias Edu Lalanda y malamalama por un viaje tan especial

    Pablo Puerta Pérez de Vargas Avatar Pablo Puerta Pérez de Vargas
    24. November 2018
  • 5 star review  La mejor experiencia de mi vida, sin ellos no hubiese conseguido llegar y cumplir mi objetivo, con Malamalama todo es fácil! Un abrazo y mil gracias más. C.B.Everest

    Raquel Ruano Avatar Raquel Ruano
    4. September 2018

    5 star review  Gracias a Edu, es imposible no volver a repetir. Una persona que se implica al máximo y a la que debo de agradecer mucho por todos los viajes. Estoy seguro de que muchas más personas disfrutaran de los viajes de Malamalama tanto como yo.

    Jaime Ugarte Páramo Avatar Jaime Ugarte Páramo
    20. June 2018

    5 star review  Con la pasión,gusto y profesionalidad que Edu siempre pone en sus proyectos, cualquier aventura será siempre inolvidable, seguro!! 100% recomendado.

    Sergio Cernuda Avatar Sergio Cernuda
    15. June 2018

Make a difference when you travel

Travelling opens a window to the world around us. A window to get to know other cultures, see wonderful landscapes, taste other cuisines… At Malamalama Travels we think it’s also an opportunity to help those in need.

Across the world there are all kinds of realities that need support. Sometimes they need food, medications or other items. Other times they need someone to work with them. Sometimes, just to be listened.

Few things teach and bring as much as attendance to others. That’s why in Malamalama we have created a program of collaboration with the communities we visit. In line with different organizations, we take different actions in these communities.

Our Ambassadors team is the best representation of our agency. They are our spirit and the best version of us. In them are all our values, expeditionary spirit, active life, sustainable tourism…


World Nomads

At Malamalama Travels we have chosen to keep you safe on your travels. Your travel insurance is the international benchmark for adventurous travelers, with worldwide coverage of medical expenses, cancellations, luggage loss… Of course their policies include coverage for sports such as trekking or surfing, which other companies do not cover.

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