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Our Ambassadors team is the best representation of our agency. They are our spirit and the best version of us. In them are all our values, expeditionary spirit, active life, sustainable tourism…


Profession: Financial sector

Dream Destination: Australia

Best Trip: Everest Base Camp Trek

Favorite sports: Trekking, Skiing, Surfing, Diving, Horseball

A meal: Asturian Fabada, if it can be my friend Edu Lalanda’s, better


Profession: Administrative in the transportation sector

Dream Destination: Nepal

Best Trip: Snow in Zillertal

Favorite sports: Trail, Spartans, Ski, Paddle, Snorkel

A book: “The Art of War” by Tsun Tzu

A movie: “Life of Brian” by the Monty Python

A group: Rise Against

A meal: The eternal Asturian Fabada

Shey Sanchez

Profession: Administrative

Dream Destination: Hawaii

Best Trip: Krakow

Favorite sports: Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding

A book: “The Collector of Tears,” by Augusto Cury

A movie: “Blow,” by Ted Demme

A group: System of a Down

A meal: Fabada by my grandmother or Pedroveya

Raquel Gea

Profession: Monitor

Dream Destination: Machu Picchu

Best Trip: Chamonix, Mont-Blanc

Favorite sports: Cross-country skiing, climbing, trekking, Btt

A book: “Touching the Void” by Joe Simpson

A movie:“Dancing with Wolves” by Kevin Costner

A group: “Live on Ten Legs” by Pearl Jam

A meal: Cheese…! All!

Manu Herrera

Profession: Mountain Guide

Dream Destination: New Zealand

Best Trip: Transiberian

Favorite sports: Mountain skiing, mountaineering, climbing and trekking

A book: “Amor Se Escribe Sin Hache” by Jardiel Poncela

A movie: “The Silence of the Lambs” by Jonathan Demme

A group: Extremoduro

A meal: Bluefin tuna

Roci Molina

Profession: Surviving the University

Dream Destination: Finland, Canada, Colombia

Best Trip: Discover Cuba

Favorite sports: Boxing, water sports, dancing in pijamas

A book: “Going Solo” by Roald Dahl

A movie: “The Big Lebowski” by the Coen Brothers

A record: “Continuum” by John Mayer

A meal: Ham, popcorn and chocolate

Christian Lombardi

Profession: Photographer and Digital Content Creator

Dream Destination: Japan

Best Trip: Turn to Australia by caravan

Favorite sports: Surfing, Beach Volleyball and Wakeboarding

A book: “Forever in the Infinite Now” by Jordan Taylor

A movie: “Before the flood” by Fisher Stevens

A group: Mike Love

A meal: Ramen

Eva Svatkova

Profession: Community Manager and Vampire

Dream destination: Sri Lanka

Best trip: Travel around the world 2x

Favourite Sports: Yoga, Skateboarding, Swimming, Dancing

A book: “All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque

A film: Nordic detective stories

Music: Amy Winehouse/Ska/House/Reggae

A meal: Thai, Indian, Vietnamese


Profession: Economy and Business Administration

Dream destination: Africa or Bhutan

Best Trip: Maldives, Route 66, Indonesia

Favorite Sports: Surf, Kite, Ballet, Skate

A band: Angus & Julia Stone, Patty Smith, L.P.

A meal: Fried eggs with ham and fries


Jaime Ugarte

Profession: Supply Chain Driver

Dream Destination: New Zealand

Best Trip: Mentawai

Favorite sports: Surf

A movie: “Hachiko” by Lasse Hallstrom

A group: Mumford & Sons

A meal: All kinds of meats and cheeses

Juan Bueno

Profession: Chococrispies, waves and cartoons

Dream Destination: California

Best Trip: Lapland

Favorite sports: Surfing and snow

A book: “Barbarian Days” by William Finnegan

A movie: “The Big Wednesday” by John Milius

A record: “Definitely Maybe” by Oasis

A meal: pizza

Ana Galeote

Profession: Physiotherapist

Dream Destination: French Polynesia

Best trip: Reunion Island

Favourite sports: CrossFit

A book: “First Things First” by Stephen R. Covey

A film: “American Beauty” by Sam Mendes

A food: A good barbecue

Antonio J. “Nono” Aguirre

Profession: Coach

Dream Destination: Japan

Best trip: Everyone!

Favourite sports: CrossFit

A book “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari

A film: Star Wars

A band: Daft Punk

A food: A good barbecue

The Lalandas


Profession: Dream facilitator and financial amender

Dream Destination: Aoraki (NZ)

Best Trip: A navigation of the Nile or a solo on the Teide

Favorite sports: Ski, Trekking, Surfing, Kayaking, Love

A book: “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov

A movie: “Full Metal Jacket” by Stanley Kubrick

A group: “Sincronicity” by The Police

A meal: Cocido Madrileño, from my mother or from Malacatín


Profession: Travel agent

Dream Destination: From Yukon to Ushuaia by motorhome

Best Trip: Everest Base Camp Trek

Favorite sports: Mountaineering, Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding

A book: “The Tao of Travel” by Paul Theroux

A movie: “The Goonies” by Richard Donner

A group: “The Return of the Space Cowboy” by Jamiroquai

A meal: Cocido Madrileño, from my mother or from Malacatín


Profession: Mountain guide

Dream Destination: Yellowstone

Best Trip: Asturias

Favorite sports: Trekking, Trail Running, Diving

A book: “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London

A movie:“Rescue in Antarctica” by Frank Marshall

A group: “Diamond Dogs” by David Bowie

A meal: Beef tenderloin

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