Morocco, in case you don’t know, has not only bazaars, medinas and all-inclusive hotels. In addition to conventional tourism, it’s one of the best surfing destinations in the world and we have it just a stone’s throw away. But surely you already knew that and that’s why you are here. So what can I tell you? That we have arranged a Surf Clinic with our friends from Surf Like a Girl in our camp at the South of Morocco, at Taghazout. That Anchors Point is 4 minutes away. That, in addition to the most famous waves, there are about 15 great waves for all levels less than half an hour north and south of our camp. That we offer you the coverage of a permanent guide from our agency and a Surf Like a Girl representative from the moment you land till you leave. That the grat Jana Kašová is coming to surf with you and help you improve your surfing. That you are gonna eat like the sultans themselves with traditional Moroccan food.

I’M IN!!!


Jana Kašová rules. Years ago, she left her life at Czech Republic to go living in the ocean, in Portugal. Since then, she splits her time between surf teaching and competition training. It has taking her to be the National Surf Champion in her country and she is on her way to retaining the title. Since recently, she has also became part of the Malamalama Family. She’s a happy girl. All good vibes.

Their mission in this journey is, above all, to support you. There is a point in your evolution where your surfing becomes stuck and it’s time to learn to turn your hips a little more or put more pressure on your heel on a cutback. That’s where it comes in handy to have someone watch you and correct you. Jana is gonna be surfing with you. 2 daily sessions, watching Every night, we will do videocoaching, so you can keep improving.

Does this mean that this trip is for pros only? Not at all. If you are starting, you can join the group with starting lessons that we will offer.


Our surfhouse is located at Imi Ouaddar, a little town just beside Taghazout. At 100 meters from home you have the beach of Imi Ouaddar, perfect for initiation and 4 minutes away, Anchor Point, the mythical and maneuverable tubing right. But since everyone has their own way of surfing, we have prepared a guide to the waves in the surrounding area, with a description and level. Be warned, looking at this guide is like looking at the dessert menu. It is recommended not to read when hungry…



No matter your level, in our area, in the south of Morocco, there are waves for all needs. So, make yourself comfortable and make your choice, there's surfing here for a while!

And, speaking of making your mouth water, we should tell you about our menu. The food of the region is rich and varied, with fish, vegetables, legumes, meats and spectacular combinations of flavors, spices, dressings and marinades. If you haven’t tried Moroccan cuisine, it may not ring a bell, but tajines, couscous and harira are the order of the day. Baked fish and grilled chicken may sound more familiar to you, but you will see what an explosion of flavors in their Moroccan version.

Lunches and dinners will be served in the common area of the surfhouse, where, by the way, there is a fundamental rule. Cell phones are only allowed for the first two minutes of the meal to take a picture of the dish. Then everyone leaves their cell phones in a basket and we eat, talk, tell stories and jokes, comment on the waves and take the opportunity to get to know each other, which is the most important part of the trip.


From 9 to 16 of April

  • 10 surf sessions with Jana Kašová
  • 5 yoga lessons
  • 7 nights / 8 days of accommodation with full board, double, triple or quadruple share
  • Transfer Airport Agadir – Camp – Airport
  • Continental breakfast, lunches and dinners with local specialties
  • Visit to Agadir with visit to the Souk
  • Visit to Paradise Valley
  • Videocoaching every night in the upper terrace having a tea
  • 1 Moroccan cooking lesson
  • Full Moon Party in the desert
  • Hammam
  • WIFI
  • 24-hour assistance and camp cleaning
  • Malamalama 24/7 guide
  • Surf Like a Girl guide
  • Travel insurance, with surfing accidents coverage
  • Photos and videos of the entire trip
  • Flights
  • All personal expenses, tips, drinks, laundry…
  • Charges for extra baggage
  • Any other expenses due to political issues, natural events or any other cause beyond the control of Malamalama Travels or its associates.

Safety first We recommend you to take a look at our page on COVID MEASUREMENTS and visit the website of your Foreign Affairs Office .