grupo de trekkers de nuestra agencia de viajes en el campo base del everest

Passion for discovering

Malamalama is not a normal travel agency. Malamalama means «light of knowledge» in Hawaiian. The search of our life is our reason. The exploring emotion. The passion for discovering. We try to escape from overcrowded areas and that leads us to a continuous investigation and development of new routes, better destinations.

Each destination, one adventure. Each group, one family. Each lodge, one home. Those are our goals. That’s why we say we are not a travel agency. We manage dreams. We arrange vital experiences. We connect people forever. We create indelible out of a movie memories. We teach to connect with nature. We change the world. A little bit, at least.

Responsible tourism

Responsibility with our hosts and environment is in our DNA. Since we started this adventure, we knew that we have to give back a little to the communities that host us, and to the world overall. Zero impact doesn’t exists. No matter how much people says so. What we can do is try to create as much positive impact as we can. That’s why we develop cooperation programs where it’s more necessary in each destination. We work with several NGOs, but the most interesting part of our work is making our travelers conscious. You can learn more abour this actions HERE.

El nombre de nuestra agencia, Malamalama significa en hawaiiano "luz del conocimiento"

Shall we talk?

In this digital world that we are living, travel agencies had become soulless computers. We are people. There are human beings at the other side of the screen. Almost all the info about our trips is in our website. But the best part only can be transmitted in person. We are more about talking.

If you want to meet us, nothing better than arranging a videocall whenever you can and stare out each other. Or we can carch up for a drink, if you are in Madrid. For any query, advise, explanation or inspiration. We are at your disposal!

financiar viajes


Sabemos el esfuerzo que cuesta ahorrar para un viaje. Por eso, hemos creado un programa, Malamalama Club, para ayudarte a hacerlo. Paga a plazos con todas las garantías y ayuda al mundo de paso. En lugar de cobrarte comisiones, te las devolvemos!!!